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About Us

We provide you personalized recommendations to safeguard your assets and enhance your wealth in the long term.  As an entirely independent and neutral advisor, our primary focus is on acting in the best interest of our clients. Our comprehensive and organized approach to all solutions ensure your benefit from the assurance of us serving as your trusted "Personal CFO". 


A Multi-Family Office

The family office encompasses a wide range of organizations and services dedicated to the management of substantial private assets. Its origins trace back centuries, to a time when treasures were tasked with safeguarding and expanding royal estates. These services were subsequently sought after by the aristocracy, giving rise to a novel institutional framework. The modern notion of the family office took shape during the 19th century with the establishment of the Morgan banking house by J.P Morgan. 

Nowadays, a multitude of family wealth managers operate across the globe. Their clientele owns significant wealth from accomplished business families. This exclusive community is open to a diverse range of individuals, and one need not be a Rockefeller to access the advantages of this concept.


Inspired by the early middle ages Latin name of the city of Zürich, Turigum Family Office stands as a multi-family office, catering to numerous clients worldwide. Our clients are key decision-makers within their families, sharing the responsibility of asset management with a trusted partner. Together, they strategize to ensure their family’s long-term financial security.

Who we Help

Turigum Family Office provides a flexible range of services tailored to meet the needs of wealth clients. 

How we Do It

We deliver these services through our in-house experts or in collaboration with highly specialised external advisors.

What's in It for You

Our clients will benefit from our support in establishing family governance, enabling them to structure the integration process of the next generation into their wealth and business seamlessly.

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