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Our Services

Turigum Family Office assists in managing your assets, structures, and businesses, serving as a reliable partner for all your family wealth and entrepreneurial requirements.

We are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance to address your unique financial needs and aspirations.


Strategic Asset Allocation

At the heart of our expertise builds the foundation of sustainable wealth. Our research delves into key indicators, including interest rates, currencies, economic and stock market performance. Our investment strategy remains independent of benchmarks, products, or short-term targets, ensuring its integrity. Our advice is custom-tailored exclusively to address your specific long-term requirements.

Investment Advisory/Assets Management

We offer strong market opinions and are determined to adapt the resulting investment recommendation to your individual risk profile. We execute individualized investment concepts, closely monitor ongoing assessments of the macroeconomic landscape-especially regarding monetary policy - and conduct regular monitoring and reviews of the initial investment thesis.



Consolidation/Reporting/Risk Management of all Assets

Turigum provides an overview of all your banking and other financial relationships, encompassing your wealth across diverse asset classes, including non-bankable assets like private equity, real estate and art. This serves as a foundation for making informed investment choices. In general, we possess the capability to oversee all third-party providers, including banks, legal entities, and tax services etc...

Private Equity Investments

We provide our clients with professional and robust financial advice regarding carefully chosen companies that exhibit high potential value. Leveraging our experience, we implement a direct investment strategy aimed mitigating risk and maximizing returns.



Administering, Advising and Negotiation on Banking Relationships

Given our extensive range of relationships across various fields, we are well-equipped to provide guidance and assistance in effectively managing your relations with bank. You will be surprised how low we are able to negotiate the fees of banks where your assets are booked, depending on your overall assets and investment wishes.

Family Governance Consulting


Large families often need to implement family governance as a means to ensure that the family’s destination is effectively managed in a transparent manner accessible to all members. By implementing such guidelines, you can mitigate conflicts among family members and foster transparency regarding the participation of the next generation. 


Succession/Estate and Tax Planning

We structure asset protection and inheritance strategies, facilitating asset transfers to the next generation, and providing support during international relocations. Our approach emphasizes cost-effectiveness, transparency and efficiency. Together with selected external partners, we excel at devising efficient estate planning solutions, addressing inheritance and succession matters, and establishing and overseeing international legal and tax structure tailored to your specific requirements. 

Structuring of Wealth/Asset Protection


We implement comprehensive asset protection plans aimed at minimizing risks. Tailoring our services to your unique requirements, we provide legal advice and formulate a strategic plan designed to be most effective for your circumstances. This plan is heavily influenced by the nature of your assets and the potential claims.

Successful Cases


Client benefit of Specified Portfolio Management 

A client has approached us with an idea of special rule-based asset management implementation. He wanted his portfolio managed by certain rules which to reserve the right to modify as circumstances evolve. Due to his very specific criteria, his bank was unable to provide an appropriate proposal.
We discussed and addressed all of the client’s demands. Successfully incorporating the majority of their criteria while upholding their original intent. By programming a database-linked alert system, we maintained consistent oversight of the  client’s portfolio and readjustments in adherence to their established rules. Subsequent to this, minor modifications to the rules were introduced after several months.
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